zibacco (zibacco) wrote,

The final debate

Did you see it?  If so, what did you think.

My two cents:  McCain just lost this the same way Al Gore lost it in 2000, despite giving a better performance than in any other debate.  The reaction shots of him were simply unbelievable.  He showed himself to be angry, cantankerous and all around unpleasant.  He looked like the nasty uncle you dread seeing at family gatherings.  It made Obama look all the more Presidential.  Plus, in general I think Obama gave better specifics about his policies and plans, but really anyone vaguely interested in the race already knew the gist of both candidates proposals.  Tonight was about image, and McCain went down in flames.

The snap polls and those moronic "undecided voter" focus groups seem to agree.  Even on Fox when they asked the panel if any of them had been persuaded, the only movement was toward Obama.  Barring some incredible last minute scandal or horrendous gaffe, Obama will be the next President.

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