zibacco (zibacco) wrote,

Scourge of the seas

With the world's economy looking grim, its nice to know that all of us could still fulfill a common childhood dream and run off to be a pirate.  Apparently, piracy isn't just for the Carribean anymore, and in addition to all the booty you sieze raiding vessels off the coast of Somalia, you get even more cash by ransoming the scurvy landlubbing dogs you capture. 


So I've already bought the mandatory parrot and a wooden leg.  Plus I'm already really good at saying "Arrggh".  With any luck,  next week I'll be somewhere in the Gulf of Aden looking to sign on with an interepid crew of pirates.   I'm sure once they see I was committed enough to provide my own parrot, plenty of crews will welcome me with open arms and not kill me at all.

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